Ellie’s First Indians Game

I won club seats to the Indians game last Sunday through my employer, and while we were hesitant about taking Ellie to a game, we decided to give it a try and I’m really glad we did. Overall, it was a FANTASTIC day and Ellie did great, even sleeping through half the game .

This was our first experience with club seats and now I’m not sure we want to go back to regular seats! The Indians club dining room was really nice, they had a buffet set up with lots of options, and outside the club, regular ballgame fare like ice cream, pizza, popcorn and nachos, all included in the ticket price. This was especially nice since we had Ellie with us. We figured if she got fussy, or if we needed a quiet place so she could sleep, we would just take her inside the club. Ellie made some new friends in my co-worker and her daughter. They were happy to hold Ellie and kept her entertained, giving Andrew and I time to get food and take in the game. The Indians lost that round against the White Sox, but are still headed to the post-season. Go Tribe!

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