DIY: Baby Sunflower Costume

Fun fact about Ellie: she absolutely hates wearing anything on her head. I have so many cute headbands that go unused, so I knew early on that her first Halloween costume would need to be free of anything that required a headpiece.

I had pretty much already decided I wanted to make her first costume and chose the sunflower because it seemed like it would be an easy for project for a beginner like me.

It’s usually pretty cold in Ohio by Halloween, so I started by finding a green long-sleeved bodysuit and green tights on Amazon.  Both were supposed to be Kelly Green, but the color of the tights ended up being a lot lighter than the bodysuit. I had planned to dye the tights to match the top but I never got around to it, and I was planning to put her in the terra cotta pot anyway, so I figured no one would really see them.

Next I made my first ever tutu using this no-sew tutu-orial (haha, get it?) that I found on Pinterest to represent sunflower leaves. I picked three colors of tulle just like the post recommended and it turned out pretty similar. It was beginner friendly and I recommend it as a good no-sew tutu.

The tough part was figuring out how to make the sunflower petals. I used four sheets of yellow felt for the large petals, three sheets of dark yellow felt for the small petals, and a yard each of matching glitter tulle overlaid on top of them. I made templates for each petal size for consistent cuts. I folded the petals on the bias and used a sewing machine to stitch them together. Lastly, I stitched them to a ribbon that could easily be tied around Ellie’s neck. I used some brown fur I found at Joann as a collar.

This project wasn’t cheap. I had almost nothing I needed to make the costume, so I ended up spending about $60 (plus the cost of a sewing machine, which I consider an investment). I could have bought a sunflower costume for about $40, but it was important to me to make her first costume and I improved my skills along the way, so I consider it a success.

Two Tiny Little Baby Teeth

I’ve been saying for months that Ellie’s teeth had come in. I could feel them, but I could never keep her still long enough to get photographic evidence–until last weekend.

Do you see ’em??


The weekend was pretty low key in the Davis household. I finished making Ellie’s Halloween costume and she joined me for a trip to the grocery (along with Dory). Other than that we just played and slept. It was the perfect weekend. 🙂


TBT: That Time We Drove Around the Grand Canyon

Andrew and I are big fans of a good road trip, and in 2012, we took one of our favorite trips ever–an eight-day drive around the Grand Canyon starting in Las Vegas. We made stops at the Hoover Dam, along Route 66, Sedona, the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, St. George and back to Vegas. We saw some of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the country and loved Arizona so much we went back in 2015 to see a whole different set of beautiful sites.


Here are a few pictures from that trip captioned with the location where they were taken. My only regret is that we were so close to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park and didn’t stop to see them. We were tired after our morning at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon and were ready to get back to Las Vegas, but those two are still on my list. We stopped only briefly in St. George, but it seemed like a really nice town and we occasionally still joke about moving there.

Day Trip to Holden Arboretum

Last weekend was predicted to be peak weekend for fall colors in Northeast Ohio, so Saturday we took a day trip to one of the best places in the area to see them–Holden Arboretum in Willoughby, Ohio.

I first became interested in visiting the arboretum when I saw the new treetop canopywalk posted as an attraction on Pinterest. I’ve never been on a treetop canopy and thought that sounded really fun and unique, so when my co-worker pal, Lisa, mentioned meeting up there, we made it a date. It turns out we were a little early for peak fall colors, but we still had a great day seeing the beauty of the grounds.

Near the entrance to the gardens, they had a maze set up for kids with pumpkins and scarecrows so I snapped a picture of my little pumpkin.

Here Lisa and her daughter, Kara, are at one of the lily ponds and a few pictures of the grounds.

We made our way to the canopywalk, 500 feet long and 65 feet above the forest floor.

The arboretum also has a 200-foot tower that rises above the trees. I was too chicken to climb it, but Lisa and Kara did and took pictures of the view.

Near the visitor’s center was a butterfly garden where we got more pics of Ellie.

I love this last picture of her. She had so much fun–and so did we!

DIY: Ikea Spice Rack Bookshelves

From the time I found out I was pregnant with Ellie, I began imagining her nursery, adventure-themed and filled with books on a front-facing bookshelf. I had my eye on this bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids for the longest time but I could never justify the $190 price tag. Here are a few pics of her nursery we’ve taken over the last few months.

Ellie is 10 months old now and has accumulated SO MANY books, but still no bookshelves, so I checked Pinterest for ideas and came across this Ikea hack using $4 Ikea spice racks as bookshelves. I’ve never been a big DIY’er–I pin a lot of DIY ideas, but never actually do them, lol. BUT the project seemed simple enough so I thought I would give it a try.

I started by ordering eight Bekvam spice racks from Ikea’s website. The closest store is two hours away, so it was nice to be able to have them shipped. Including shipping, I paid $45, which i considered a bargain compared to the Pottery Barn bookrack. Below is what they look like in the package on the left, what the disassembled parts look like in the middle and what the rack looks like assembled on the right.


The only color option is natural wood and I wanted white shelves, so I used a can of extra white semi-gloss and some foam brushes that we already had at home. The Pinterest post used spray paint, but I read that she had to spray four or five coats to completely cover the wood and I’m too lazy for that. I painted two coats, sanding before painting and after the first coat using some 150 grit sandpaper that we also already had.


Once the shelves were painted, they were ready for hanging. The racks come ready to hang but they do not include mounting hardware. We picked up these drywall anchors at Lowe’s and they worked great. We used screws where we had access to studs and used the anchors where we didn’t have studs.


Andrew was nice enough to hang them for me–four rows and two shelves per row– and we’re both really happy with the results. We had a lot of the materials we needed on hand, so it only cost $50 to add a feature I know Ellie will benefit from for a long time. Overall, it was an easy project and I definitely recommend it for a budget-friendly shelf idea.

TBT: That Time Ellie Was Soooo Hungry

Ellie was about 6 weeks old when this video was taken, and she was so hungry she was trying to eat her burp cloth. It was my favorite for a long time; I would just watch it over and over because I thought it was so funny. I hadn’t even hit my due date yet–the video was taken January 9th and my due date was January 20th. She was only about 4.5 lbs at the time. The newborn outfit she’s wearing is a little too big. It’s hard to believe how much she’s grown since then–she’s 10 months and about 18 lbs now!  We’ve taken a lot of videos since then, but this one is still at the top of the list.