Day Trip to Holden Arboretum

Last weekend was predicted to be peak weekend for fall colors in Northeast Ohio, so Saturday we took a day trip to one of the best places in the area to see them–Holden Arboretum in Willoughby, Ohio.

I first became interested in visiting the arboretum when I saw the new treetop canopywalk posted as an attraction on Pinterest. I’ve never been on a treetop canopy and thought that sounded really fun and unique, so when my co-worker pal, Lisa, mentioned meeting up there, we made it a date. It turns out we were a little early for peak fall colors, but we still had a great day seeing the beauty of the grounds.

Near the entrance to the gardens, they had a maze set up for kids with pumpkins and scarecrows so I snapped a picture of my little pumpkin.

Here Lisa and her daughter, Kara, are at one of the lily ponds and a few pictures of the grounds.

We made our way to the canopywalk, 500 feet long and 65 feet above the forest floor.

The arboretum also has a 200-foot tower that rises above the trees. I was too chicken to climb it, but Lisa and Kara did and took pictures of the view.

Near the visitor’s center was a butterfly garden where we got more pics of Ellie.

I love this last picture of her. She had so much fun–and so did we!

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