DIY: Baby Sunflower Costume

Fun fact about Ellie: she absolutely hates wearing anything on her head. I have so many cute headbands that go unused, so I knew early on that her first Halloween costume would need to be free of anything that required a headpiece.

I had pretty much already decided I wanted to make her first costume and chose the sunflower because it seemed like it would be an easy for project for a beginner like me.

It’s usually pretty cold in Ohio by Halloween, so I started by finding a green long-sleeved bodysuit and green tights on Amazon.  Both were supposed to be Kelly Green, but the color of the tights ended up being a lot lighter than the bodysuit. I had planned to dye the tights to match the top but I never got around to it, and I was planning to put her in the terra cotta pot anyway, so I figured no one would really see them.

Next I made my first ever tutu using this no-sew tutu-orial (haha, get it?) that I found on Pinterest to represent sunflower leaves. I picked three colors of tulle just like the post recommended and it turned out pretty similar. It was beginner friendly and I recommend it as a good no-sew tutu.

The tough part was figuring out how to make the sunflower petals. I used four sheets of yellow felt for the large petals, three sheets of dark yellow felt for the small petals, and a yard each of matching glitter tulle overlaid on top of them. I made templates for each petal size for consistent cuts. I folded the petals on the bias and used a sewing machine to stitch them together. Lastly, I stitched them to a ribbon that could easily be tied around Ellie’s neck. I used some brown fur I found at Joann as a collar.

This project wasn’t cheap. I had almost nothing I needed to make the costume, so I ended up spending about $60 (plus the cost of a sewing machine, which I consider an investment). I could have bought a sunflower costume for about $40, but it was important to me to make her first costume and I improved my skills along the way, so I consider it a success.

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