TBT: Our First House

3709 Dresden Court in Brentwood Estates, Montgomery, AL 36111

Photo credit: Sherry Watkins, go2reassistant.com

Andrew and I moved to Northeast Ohio from Montgomery, Alabama just over 2.5 years ago. Since then we’ve bought a house, settled into a community and started a family. We love living here and experiencing all that the Midwest has to offer, but sometimes I do get homesick for the South. It’s where we met, where we got married, and where we bought our first house.

Our first house was a project. It needed quite a bit of work when we bought it, so we figured if we were going to have to make changes anyway, we should make the house our own. I’ll admit we made some changes to this house that we both agree we wouldn’t do in future homes.

The floors in the living/dining room areas were vinyl when we moved in, so we replaced them with wood floors, repainted and did an accent wall on the far wall in the dining room.

The house also had a den that we mostly used as a sitting room when we had company. I loved opening the french doors on both sides to let fresh air in.

The kitchen was definitely the room that needed the most work. I remember calling it the McDonald’s kitchen because of the red and yellow colors it was painted when we moved in.

The kitchen had a breakfast area with a huge window that looked into the backyard and let in so much light. It was one of my favorite things about the house.

My absolute favorite thing about the house was the back yard. This picture was taken in February, so the trees are bare and no flowers are blooming, but in the spring and summer it was like a garden, with roses, magnolias, irises, daisies, and so many other flowers. The back yard was very private and perfect for enjoying time out on the patio.

3709 Dresden Court in Brentwood Estates, Montgomery, AL 36111

Back Yard

This link has additional pictures of the house. There are few pictures sprinkled in of the house before we bought it, but most of them are from when we sold it.

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