TBT: Seeing America’s Castles

I didn’t realize until last week that historic mansions like Meadow Brook Hall are considered to be “America’s castles” and there is an entire list of them to see within the U.S. I also didn’t realize that Andrew and I have already been to a few of them, so I started looking back at the ones we’ve visited.

Our first American castle was the Biltmore House in March 2009. There was a period of time when Andrew and I dated long-distance and were always looking for interesting towns to meet up in–Asheville, North Carolina was one of them. The Biltmore is the largest house in America at 135,000 square feet. We spent two days touring the house, the conservatory, the grounds, and did some wine tasting at the on-site winery. They must not allow pictures inside the house because all of these were taken outside or at the winery.


Our second American castle was Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California in May 2012. Andrew and I used to take a big trip every year for our anniversary in May, and that year we road-tripped the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles over eight days. Hearst Castle was one of our many stops along the way.

It was built by William Randolph Hearst and ranks #11 on the list of largest historic homes. I remember the drive up to the house being very beautiful with lots of hills and horses roaming around. Pictures were allowed inside this house and I remember being enamored with the tile work on indoor pool and the view of the ocean from the house was spectacular.


Our third American castle is an honorable mention because it’s technically not a real castle. Belvedere Castle in New York City was designed as a decorative structure in Central Park that is now used as an observation deck and weather station. Still, I would include it on my list of top sites to see in NYC.


Our fourth castle was Meadow Brook Hall last weekend, and I talked about it in this blog. This weekend, we’re planning to see our fifth castle right here in Ohio. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about it.

Click here for Wikipedia’s complete list of castles in the United States.


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