Celebrating Ellie’s First Birthday


Last week was full of firsts for Ellie. We were fortunate to be able to spend Thanksgiving with Andrew’s family in Nevada, leading to Ellie’s first big trip, first flight, and first birthday celebration with her family by her side. It was a great week–Ellie got some quality time in with her grandparents, Uncle Roger, Grandma Delyte, Aunt Julia and Aunt Kauleen–and Andrew and I got to spend some quality time with each other.

The flights from Ohio to Nevada were long, but Ellie took them like a pro. She was a lap baby rather than a ticket holder, but we were lucky enough to have a row of three seats for every flight. That made the trip so much better, since Ellie had room to play, sleep and move between us.

In Nevada, Ellie spent her days napping with Grandma, playing with her new toys and exploring her new environment–not to mention that she gained 0.6 pounds during the week she was there! We know because she had doctors appointments the Mondays before and after the trip. Needless to say, she made herself at home pretty quickly.

She had fun meeting new family members and catching up with Gram and Grumps.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our little turkey, although I couldn’t get a smile out of her in her adorable Thanksgiving outfit that Grandma got her.


At her birthday celebration, Ellie got to try her first cake with icing, although she wasn’t too sure about getting her hands dirty. She loved all of her new toys and especially the wrapping paper. I got to practice my cake baking skills by making a five-layer vanilla bean smash cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and two dozen cupcakes. I forgot to take pictures before we handed it over to the munchkin, so the pics of the cake are post-smash.


And if there is one memory I want her to be able to look back on through photos, it’s this one…That she was surrounded by people who love her during the very first celebration of her birth.