TBT: Cayman Honeymoon

My co-work friend, Lisa, just got back from an amazing trip to Grand Cayman and talking to her about it brought back so many good memories from the two times Andrew and I have been to what has become our favorite vacation destination. Honestly, I’m pretty much always fantasizing about our next trip there, even if we don’t actually have one planned.

The first time we went was on our honeymoon in May 2010. It was BEAUTIFUL. We fell in love with the peacefulness of the East Side and stayed there both times we visited. We spent a lot of time snorkeling, drinking daiquiris at Rum Point, petting sting rays at Sting Ray City, and eating delicious seafood at Kaibo Beach Bar. We took a jet ski tour through the mangroves and saw Starfish Beach, the Botanical gardens, the lighthouse, the Blowholes, Pedro St. James and Georgetown. It’s just such a nice island–I definitely recommend it.

Our second visit was with my parents in January 2015 and we got to do a whole different set of activities like visit the auto museum, make an appearance in “Hell” and spend a little more time in West Bay. We even chartered a boat to take us around the island and to Sting Ray City again. It was very early in the morning and no one was out yet. It was wonderful! Now excuse me while I daydream about our next visit.

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