Bubble Party

Last weekend Northeast Ohio had the most beautiful weather we’ve seen in a while, so we took advantage of it with some outdoor fun. Ellie got a bottle of bubbles as part of her Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt so we put them to good use in the back yard.

Ellie was wild with excitement from getting to be outside and fell asleep right on the floor after we got done playing. She must have been tired  because I’ve NEVER seen her fall asleep like that before.


We have an Amazon Echo, and lately we’ve noticed her trying to talk to “Alexa,” so Andrew decided to practice with her last week. Here she is trying to say Alexa, and I’m amazed by how close she got.

She’s getting so big. She’ll be saying it on repeat soon and we’ll have to worry about what random item is going accidentally show up on our porch from Amazon. We’ve already talked about adding a pin for orders through Echo to avoid that!

One last video of the munchkin that Andrew took this morning. She cracks me up!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


A couple of days late, but I’ve been in Birmingham, Alabama at a work conference since Sunday. While I was gone, my two Valentines got to have some fun on their own. I left them a V-Day scavenger hunt that Andrew was sweet enough to get on video for me so I could enjoy the fun too…

I can definitely see this as something I start doing every year. It was fun for me to plan and fun for them to find their prizes! Now I’m back home and looking forward to catching up with my two main squeezes.