Lake Erie Waterfallin’


Left to Right, top to bottom: West Falls, Berea Falls, Fortier Park Falls, East Falls

Maybe it’s the Southerner in me, but I’ve always loved the water. It doesn’t really matter what kind–ocean, lake, river–I’m naturally drawn to it, so when I found out how many waterfalls there were in the Cleveland area, I was anxious to see them all. In the three years we’ve lived here, we’ve had the chance to see a few!

I found this map on that shows exactly how many falls there are and where they are located. All of the ones we’ve been to so far have been very easy to get to.


Paine Falls

Andrew and I came across Paine Falls by accident back when we were house hunting in summer 2014. We were in the Painesville area, and drove across a bridge that had the most beautiful falls flowing underneath it. We decided to stop and take a look. We walked a short path to an overlook and found this view:


We didn’t find a house in that area, but we were pleasantly surprised to find this gem.

Brandywine Falls

In April 2015, right before I got pregnant with Ellie, Andrew and I took a drive through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I had heard Brandywine Falls was one of the best waterfalls in the area and wanted to see for myself. It definitely didn’t disappoint!


Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls marked our first day trip with Ellie in September of last year, and we had the best time checking out the town surrounding the falls, eating ice cream and watching the ducks play in the river. In fact, it was my first post on this blog. Click here for that post.


Berea Falls

Last weekend we had perfect weather for seeing the closest falls to us in location. Berea Falls is part of the Rocky River Reservation, a huge nature reserve that runs the length of the Rocky River from Lake Erie to Berea, about 15 miles. The reservation is one of Cleveland’s greatest attributes and one of my favorite places to spend time. Ellie loved running around on the path and climbing rocks.


David Fortier River Park

As we drove to Berea Falls, I noticed the prettiest park with the Rocky River running through it. We decided to stop and take a look and ended up discovering another small set of falls not on the map.

This park was really nice. The water was calm enough for people to fish and there were several kids around with parents close by. We held onto Ellie so she couldn’t get far, but I can definitely see us bringing her when she’s older to play in the water or have a picnic.

Cascade Park East Falls

Yesterday, I decided to go on hike by myself to check out Cascade Park’s East and West Falls. I had wanted to see them for a while, but Andrew wasn’t as excited about it as I was, so he stayed home with Ellie and watched NBA Playoffs while I had some one-on-one time with nature. I have to admit, it was SO PEACEFUL! Lol.


There was actually not much hiking to the East Falls. I parked my car and a very nice boardwalk took me to an overlook of the falls. The East and West Falls flow through the Black River in Elyria.

I took a short path for a different view of the falls and then headed to the more popular West Falls.

Cascade Park West Falls

The West Falls were not only beautiful, but fun to get to. I enjoyed doing a little hiking to get to the overlooks. It reminded me of my childhood in Mississippi, climbing over fallen trees and trekking through streams to get there.


This was the path to the falls:

A bridge along one of the interior paths gave me my first view of the falls before I walked to the main overlook.

I’m not usually one for selfies, but I did snap a quick waterfall selfie since I had the place to myself, lol.

Now that we’ve seen so many, we know which ones would be ideal to bring our visiting nature-lovers to. And we’re still not done–next on my list is Buttermilk Falls!

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