DIY: Artificial Succulent Planter


I’ve been a long time fan of using succulents as a house plant because the upkeep is so easy, but I made two succulent planters from real plants last year that I still couldn’t manage to keep alive! Maybe I gave them too much love…or water. They also attracted gnats, which we HATED. Andrew has had to talk me out of getting real plants again so many times this year, so I finally broke down and said I would get fake ones instead.

I’ve been seeing fake succulent planters everywhere. They’ve become so popular, they aren’t difficult to find, but my problem with them is that they look fake. When I saw these beautiful, real-looking plants at Joann this week, I knew I could make a planter that would look like the real thing. This project was SO easy and cost about the same as buying one.

I bought 10 or 11 assorted succulents on sale at Joann for $3-$5 apiece and a green Desert Foam rectangular brick to hold the plants in place inside the planter. The planter I used was 9 inches in diameter, so I cut the foam insert to size and placed it inside the planter before adding the plants.

I found this extremely cute planter at Home Depot for $17.98. I looks like something I would have paid twice as much for at Anthropologie. I love it!


Once I inserted all of the plants into the Desert Foam, I was done! It was as simple as that. I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I can’t believe how REAL it looks!


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