DIY: Gallery Wall


With all of the toys Ellie has, she gets the most joy from the simplest things. A couple of weeks ago, we were outside playing and she had the time of her life climbing on and off a wicker chair on our back patio. The moment was so cute, I took pictures of her reactions, and when I realized how many photos I had I knew they would make the perfect photo gallery on the wall at the top of our second floor stairs.

The wall is the first thing you see at the top of the floor and I’ve wanted to put something there for a while, I just didn’t know what. I debated between canvas and picture frames and decided on frames so I could easily change the photos out as Ellie gets older. I found this frame set on several web sites and loved how the champagne color accented our tan walls.



I needed two sets to accommodate all the pictures I had. I knew I might have two or three frames left over but figured I could use them somewhere else. This set is a lot bigger than it seems. The largest frame is 11×14 and the smallest is 8×8, so it didn’t take as many of them to fill the wall as I expected. I ordered pictures in the sizes I needed from Shutterfly, and once I had them in the frames I laid them out on the floor in front of the wall to figure out how I wanted to put them up.


Andrew likes to use a level and tape measure to hang pictures, but I’m more of a “nail holes now, fill them later” kind of girl. It took me a couple extra nail holes to get it right, but I knew they would be covered by the frames. I’m so happy with how the collage turned out. I didn’t want to configure the frames into a perfect square or rectangle, I wanted them to look sort-of unplanned because that was what the moments in the pictures were–completely spontaneous.


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