Cleveland Summer

Andrew’s parents and two aunts have been visiting us over the last couple of weeks from three different states–Nevada, Louisiana and California. We’ve had a great time while they’ve been here and they’ve been able to spend a lot of quality time with Ellie, but having them here has made me realize how different our behavior is when we have visitors compared to when we don’t. Here’s what I mean…

We go to restaurants owned by famous Cleveland chefs.

We go to Indians games against the Dodgers (who haven’t played in Cleveland in 14 years).

We celebrate Father’s Day with two dads.

We become artists who fuse glass to make beautiful mosaic pieces.

We have fun with Snapchat and Instagram filters.

We layout by the pool all day.

We play outside into the night.

We have daily baby fashion shows.

We let Ellie eat like Beast and drink from the bathtub faucet purely for entertainment value.

We plan and take kick-ass tours of Cleveland to show how awesome our city is.

And most importantly, we give Ellie the chance to spend quality time with her grandparents and gr’aunts that she doesn’t usually get.

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