Cedar Point Sunday Funday


On Sunday, we continued our current trend of pretending we’re on vacation while we have family in town by taking them to Cedar Point for the day. We got lucky again and had perfect weather, with not a lot of people visiting the park that day. A couple of rides were closed due to high wind, but we hardly noticed. Full disclosure–Andrew and his dad are the roller coaster riders in the family. The rest of us were just tagging along, but I had never been to the park and really want to see it. I can’t really call my self an Ohioan until I’ve been to Cedar Point, right?! Andrew and his dad had fast passes and took off on their coaster quest as soon as we got there. Andrew’s mom (Karen), two aunts (Kauleen and Kathryn), Ellie and I strolled around the park trying different foods and taking Ellie on any appropriate rides. The park has a great area for toddlers and kids with a Peanuts theme that we spent a lot of our time in. Ellie loved it!

DSC_8278-3She even got to meet Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and Sally. This was her first encounter with theme park characters and she seemed to gravitate toward them even though she was a little intimidated at first. She would get really close to them, run away, get really close, run away. It was pretty funny to watch! She eventually warmed up to them, even fist bumping and high-fiving them to say hello.

We made our way to my favorite area of the park–Frontier Town. I loved seeing the leather, sign, jewelry, candle and gem shops made to look like cabins from the frontier days, and the water rides were so fun to watch. We stood a little too close to the Snake River Falls ride and got pretty soaked! Ellie even got to pet goats, cows, bunnies and llamas at The Barnyard.

Andrew and dad made it through all the roller coasters that were open (some of them twice) and met us for a snack. Andrew got to ride one of the Peanuts rides with Ellie and she had the time of her life flying through the air with her dad. She’s our little daredevil baby. We briefly checked out the Dinosaurs Alive area and got to see model T-Rex’s and other prehistoric creatures on our way out of the park.

We had a FANTASTIC time, but I didn’t realize how many family rides we missed until after we left. The sky ride was closed for the day, and we bypassed the antique cars, the riverboat ride and the Lake Erie railroad. The next time we go, I’ll better plan for what we want to do so we don’t miss anything rather than winging it like I did on this visit. Overall, it was a great day trip and now I can proudly say I’ve been to Cedar Point. 🙂


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