Visiting Stan Hywet Hall


Last Saturday we did something I’ve wanted to do since last fall–we visited Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio. Around that time I wrote this blog post about seeing America’s castles and linked a list of the largest houses in the U.S. ┬áStan Hywet Hall ranks 43rd on the list with 51,134 square feet. The estate was built by the founder of Goodyear Tire in 1915 and has 65 rooms. The grounds are filled with gardens, a conservatory, a butterfly house and a carriage house with a cafe and a gift shop inside. The grounds originally covered 1,500 square miles. It’s Tudor architecture reminded me a lot of Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills, Michigan that I wrote about in this post.

With an almost-two-year old in tow, we didn’t think a guided tour was a good idea, so we did a self-guided tour that was actually perfect. We were given a pamphlet with details about the architecture, decor and purpose of each room. It only took us about an hour to get through it and we were back outside letting Ellie roam around the English garden. It made a great day trip and Ellie took the best nap of her life on the way home!