Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, but now that we have Ellie to dress up in adorable costumes it has become a big event in the Davis household. This year was even more special because it was Ellie’s first trick-or-treat.

Trick-or-treating is big in our development. Our neighbors bring out their folding chairs and fire pits and stay out all evening handing out candy. Andrew and I have always done that too. Last year, we dressed Ellie up as a baby sunflower and put her in a flower pot on our front porch while we handed out candy.

This year, we knew we still wanted to hand out candy, but we also wanted to introduce Ellie to trick-or-treating, so I took her around to a few of our neighbor’s houses with her little Elsa and Anna bucket to let her try it out. She did great! I didn’t think she would be that into it, but she understood that if she held out her bucket, people would put candy in it. I guess that was easy enough for her because she ended up with quite the haul.

I even dressed up as a mom-appropriate Bo Peep to take my little lamb trick-or-treating, but that didn’t last long once I realized how cold it was outside–about 40 degrees!

Once the little lamb had filled up her bucket, she showed us her stash and Andrew promptly took advantage of the hustle that is trick-or-treating with an almost-two-year old. She’ll never know if he skims a couple pieces off the top, right?

Cedar Point HalloWeekends

Andrew and I recently took Ellie to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends, when they deck out the entire park with bigger-than-life ghouls, mazes and haunted houses for both adults and kids. The weather was perfect–72 and sunny–so the place was packed. We stuck mostly to the areas for little kids, riding the carousel and the Ferris wheel. Ellie loved the carousel, and was a lot more comfortable on it than when we were at the park in June. I think it helped that Andrew rode a horse alongside her. He earned some serious dad cred that day. The Ferris wheel was a different story. Suspending a toddler 145 feet in the air when all she wanted to do was run around was probably not a good idea in hindsight. We ended up having to wrestle her to stay in her seat the entire time. After we escaped the Ferris wheel, we made our way to FrontierLand so Ellie could see the animals. She loved watching people feed the goats, ponies and camels, but was still apprehensive about petting them herself. We had a great day and left before dark when the park becomes a lot more scary and haunted.

Here’s a pic of Ellie last time we were at Cedar Point in June on the left and this visit on the right. So big now!