Christmas in Mississippi


This is late, but you know the saying–better late than never! For the second time since Ellie’s birth, we made the trip to my hometown in Mississippi for the Christmas holiday. I love going there for Christmas especially because Ellie has several cousins close to her in age and it’s so fun to see them playing together, excited over the holiday, and of course, on their best behavior for Santa.

Ellie has only visited with her cousins two other times this year, and I’m always amazed by how easily they fall back into place with each other. This visit was no different. The kids chased each other around, played games, built gingerbread houses and danced their little booties off!

We celebrated the holiday with family early in the week, got to see the excitement in Ellie’s eyes as she discovered her gifts Christmas morning, and got to spend the rest of the week playing and visiting friends we haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice to have time to relax with no agenda! We went with my sister and her kids to see Christmas lights and basically ate our way across Mississippi and parts of Alabama. That was our only plan.

Ellie’s favorite part of the trip was making friends with Bobo the cat. We must have heard her say Bobo’s name a million times during the week. When she woke up, “where’s Bobo.” Before she went to sleep, “I want Bobo.” Every five minutes in between “Bobo.” We’re legit afraid to say this cat’s name right now.

We got back home in time to celebrate the New Year in style with sparkling pear juice at 9 pm because we were too tired to stay up until midnight. We traded in our champagne this year because we are expecting our second baby–another girl–at the end of June! We are over the moon and Ellie can’t wait to be a big sister. She says she wants the baby’s name to be Elsa because she’s really into Frozen right now. Not sure it will make the cut, but we won’t rule it out just yet!


2 thoughts on “Christmas in Mississippi

  1. Love all the pictures~ SO happy you are expecting baby number 2. Hmm, Maybe you got pregnant while in Oregon! P.S. One of my Nick names is Elsa. ❤


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