Goodbye, January!

January has to be the worst month of the year in my book. It has the unfortunate position within the year of following the holidays when things are slower and we usually have time off, then once we get back to our routines the month seems to drag on forever.

In the Midwest, January is more of a challenge because it’s usually one of the worst weather months. Cold temps and snowy streets have kept us indoors more often, so we’ve had to come up with interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained. For example…

We practiced riding our new tricycle.

Ellie got a new Minnie Mouse tricycle for Christmas that she sits on almost every evening when we get home, so we try to let her to practice in our entry way. She’s still getting the hang of it.


We had ice cream in 12 degree weather.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream is famous in the Cleveland area for a reason. It is delicious any time of year. Ellie’s favorite flavor is Blue Cosmo. It tastes like cotton candy and has ribbons of marshmallow cream in it–yum!

We went to our first Disney on Ice.

I was lucky enough to snag tickets to my employer’s suite for Disney on Ice when it was in town. I wasn’t sure whether Ellie would be that into it because she’s so young, but I was wrong! She had the time of her life dancing her booty off, making new friends and eating as many cupcakes as she could fit in her little tummy. It was a great experience for all of us and we can’t wait to take her back next year.

We made hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Nothing is better than salted caramel hot chocolate on a freezing cold night.

We took Ellie to her first movie.

During the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, a big storm hit the area, keeping us inside for two whole days. By the third day, we were willing to do just about anything to get out of the house and decided to take Ellie to see Coco at the movie theater. The movie had been out for over a month so I didn’t think it would be that busy, but we ended up snagging the last seats available toward the front of the theater. It worked out in our favor because there was open space in front of our seats and a tall wall behind our seats, giving Ellie the ability to stand up and walk between Andrew and I without getting in the way of other people. Ellie enjoyed the experience and the movie was cute, but we’ll probably wait a little longer before we try it again, lol.

We practiced hand-eye coordination.

Ellie got a couple of bouncy balls for Christmas that she hasn’t let out of her sight, so we’ve been practicing throwing them to her and having her catch them. It’s basically her new favorite thing to do.

So, while we’ve managed to keep busy, I could not be happier that this month is over. We’re already daydreaming of warmer times and trying on new swimsuits in preparation for fun activities involving water and sunshine!

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