Spring Break in the Florida Panhandle


Andrew, Ellie and I spent the best week in Navarre Beach, Florida last week, and wow, I am wiped out now. I need some serious recovery time after this one. We had never been to Navarre Beach before, but were looking for a quiet, family-oriented spring break destination and Navarre was the PERFECT place. The weather was still a bit cool this early in the year, but we were able to play on the beach every day and found other fun activities to do in between.

We arrived into Pensacola (PNS) Saturday morning and had a few hours to kill before checking into our condo, so we ate an awesome lunch on the bay at Hemingway’s Island Grill and immediately set out for the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The seashore is a 10-mile stretch of protected beach with no condos, restaurants or retail stores. It is gorgeous, and Ellie loved seeing her first view of the ocean in a while.

By the time we checked into our condo a couple of miles down the beach, she was comatose…


This pretty much sums up the next 7 days–we played hard during the day and slept like babies every night. Although it was cool, we were blessed with beautiful, sunny weather and clear ocean water most of the week. The kids woke up ready to walk out the door to the beach every morning.

When we weren’t on the beach we spent our time visiting the Pensacola Naval Air Museum…

…cooking meals using the freshest seafood we could find at Joe Patti’s Seafood Market…

…playing DINOSAUR themed mini-golf and arcade games…

…feeding the alligators at Fudpucker’s in Destin…

…eating WAY too many sno-balls. Ellie helped herself to Ethan’s cotton candy sno-ball, LOL…

…and spending so much good family time together. Navarre Beach was so beautiful and we had so much fun, I know this trip will stay with us for a long time. AND it may be our last trip as a family of three. Come on baby #2!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break in the Florida Panhandle


    Thanks for sharing all the pictures (I can’t save them from Instagram—don’t know how; maybe not possible?).

    Thanks, also, for all the video calls! It is so great watching Ellie grow up so fast! :).

    We love you guys!!


  2. Hmmmm as Ellie and I like to say. Perhaps this side of the family needs to do a beach vacation with you. I know we did Oregon but the weather was not conducive to playing with Ellie on the beach. Perhaps when #2 arrives we can think about that. Beautiful pictures but of course look at the subjects!!!!


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