It’s Been A While

img_1605It’s hard to believe that in the few months since my last post, we’ve welcomed a new baby girl to our family and now she’s almost three months old. I took a break from blogging to enjoy the end of my pregnancy and maternity leave. Now that I’m back at work (and not snuggling with a newborn all day) it’s a little easier to focus on writing again.

Audrey Karen Davis was born June 28th at 10:16 a.m. and is just perfect. I am biased, but it’s also true. Ellie has been over the moon and is the best big sister we could hope for. She is always helping me by bringing pacifiers, diapers, and not to mention, regular entertainment. She says some of the funniest stuff we’ve ever heard!

Here are a few pics of Ellie meeting Audrey for the first time at the hospital, and below are pics over the last couple of months…

We are so in love with our girls and are enjoying every minute with them. Seeing them grow, learn new words, and seeing smiles on their little faces is our favorite thing, and we’re just soaking it up right now.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. Almost three months old and I have not held my namesake yet!!! But face time, multiple times per week. certainly is keeping us in the loop!!!! Only 70 days to go before my arms will be filled with love and laughter once again!!! Thank you both so much for sharing each week so that Gammie and Grumpa can remain involved. We love the four of you very much and look forward to seeing you soon.

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