Southern Holiday

Ellie and I just came back from the best holiday weekend visiting my family in Mississippi. Andrew decided to stay behind for this one and enjoyed some much needed R&R at home. I don’t blame him–the trip was a whirlwind of visiting family and friends we haven’t seen in several months. It. Was. Crazy.

…Crazy fun, I mean. 🙂 Ellie and I caught a direct flight from CLE to BNA after work Friday and she was so great on the trip. It helped that the flight was only an hour and a half. I kept The Boss Baby playing on the iPad and she was good to go!

Once we were in Iuka, we hit the ground running visiting family and friends, even if just for a few minutes. We even snuck in quick visits to the park and to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Ellie had a lot of firsts on this trip–she stepped in her first fire ant bed thinking it was a pile of dirt (and didn’t even cry), she rode a four-wheeler (a regular one and the toy version), she sat on a tractor seat, and she tried ribs for the first time. My city baby got a southern education last weekend.

She had so much fun playing with her cousins, now we can’t wait to go back for Christmas!


Happy Independence Day!

img_5544The last few days leading up to the holiday were bittersweet, as we said goodbye to Andrew’s family after a three-week-long visit and had to get used to being a three-person household again. Thank goodness for FaceTime, or Ellie would be going through some serious Gram and Grumps withdrawals right now!

We actually celebrated the holiday over several days, complete with afternoons by the pool, hot dogs on the grill, and sparklers in our hands. It was SO NICE being home with nothing on our agenda but playing. I’m looking forward to many more weekends like this one this summer!

That last picture just cracks me up. The typical attempt at a family photo with a one-and-a-half-year-old. I looked back at pictures I took during the July 4th holiday last year and can’t believe how much my little baby has grown. She’s a full-blown toddler now. This time last year, she couldn’t crawl yet and now it’s hard to get her to stay still for a couple seconds while I take a picture!

Today was her first day back at daycare after being out for a month. Andrew said she was a little apprehensive at first, but I know that will fade as soon as she starts playing with her friends again. Here is her outfit of the day. 🙂


Happy Memorial Day!

We celebrated the Memorial Day holiday with a nice weekend at home. The weather was mostly perfect so we spent a lot of time in the back yard and got to try out the island oasis pool I got Ellie for the first time. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the pool, but she looked adorbs in her watermelon swimsuit and strawberry shades. We’ll work on getting used to the pool.

Andrew and I also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday with a fun family outing to Mellow Mushroom. It was the perfect occasion for Ellie to wear her red, white and blue sailboat dress. I love being able to finally dress her in summer clothes. We’re headed to the beach Saturday so there will be a lot more like this!

Happy Easter!


Easter weekend in Northeast Ohio was forecast to be rainy and windy, but so far it has just been warm and sunny! We’ve spent a lot of family time together at home this weekend playing outside and taking pictures of Ellie.

The festivities started Friday with Ellie’s first ever Easter egg hunt at daycare. Andrew and I were both able to make it and it was just so fun to watch. She did great for someone who has never done it before, but she seemed to always want to keep one egg in her hand. She didn’t want to let it go!

By the end of the Easter egg hunt she had a big smile on that chocolate covered face. She also met the Easter Bunny for the first time and was naturally terrified. What is it about the Easter Bunny that has that effect?

Today we took some family pictures and then did a photo shoot of our little baby bunny. Now I have to go clean up my staging area in our dining room. 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!


A couple of days late, but I’ve been in Birmingham, Alabama at a work conference since Sunday. While I was gone, my two Valentines got to have some fun on their own. I left them a V-Day scavenger hunt that Andrew was sweet enough to get on video for me so I could enjoy the fun too…

I can definitely see this as something I start doing every year. It was fun for me to plan and fun for them to find their prizes! Now I’m back home and looking forward to catching up with my two main squeezes.


Happy New Year!

A lot has happened during the month since my last blog. We celebrated Christmas with family, spent the New Year at home, and are now happy to be getting back into our normal routines.

For Christmas, we made the 10 hour drive with a car full of presents and an Ellie Baby to my hometown of Iuka, Mississippi. All of my immediate family is there and we were really looking forward to spending a few days with them. We stayed overnight in Louisville, KY each way to break up the trip. Ellie handled it well for the most part, sleeping through at least 3 hours of each 5-hour leg, but I have to tell you, the other 1 to 2 hours she was awake were brutal at times. We learned on the trip that ice cream makes even the most restless babies happy in a car seat for a little while.

Once we were in Iuka, it was pretty much non-stop, going to see family and friends we haven’t seen in over a year. Ellie had the time of her life playing with her 4 cousins, especially my 4-year old niece, Shelby. They played dress-up and wore matching clothes and Ellie followed Shelby around everywhere. It was so fun to watch them.

We got back to Cleveland in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with a family stomach virus. Not the best way to ring in the New Year, but we would have been at home anyway. I laughed when I realized we celebrated this NYE the same way we did last year–in our PJs watching movies and cuddling with Ellie. Last year, she had only been home from her 4 week stay in the NICU for about a week, so we made up for a lot of lost time with her.


Left: NYE 2015                                                                              Right: NYE 2016

Now the holidays are well behind us. We’re both back at work and Ellie is back at daycare. She moved up to the toddler room from the infant room right before Christmas and is doing great there–eating a lot of new foods and doing new things every day. We got to see her take her first steps a couple of weeks ago and now she won’t stay off those little feet.