Easter Weekend

The weather has been pretty cold and rainy in our area so our little family celebrated a quiet Easter weekend at home this year, filled with cooking, eating, playing, and naps–it was wonderful! Ellie got a visit from the Easter Bunny, who she is not very happy with, because he took all of her pacifiers in exchange for presents this year. We’ve been trying our hardest not to say his name or the “p” word, since it just brings up bad memories for her, LOL!

I even had my first experience making a holiday meal, and it turned out pretty great if I do say so. Bourbon-glazed ham, baked beans, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs were all on the menu with chocolate chip cookies for desert. Andrew and Ellie loved it and we still have leftovers two days later!


Because the weather has been so gross, Ellie’s daycare had their annual Easter Egg Hunt inside this year. It was a bit cramped, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. Her class had crafts like making a bunny out of paper plates and construction paper, and decorating sugar cookies before hunting for eggs. Ellie couldn’t wait to see what was inside each egg she picked up, so she would open it immediately and eat whatever chocolate she found before moving onto the next. This girl loves chocolate!

Chocolate Day

Valentine’s Day should really just be called Chocolate Day because we eat more of it that day than any other time of the year. Ellie is basically a chocolate monster. If it’s in her sight, it needs to be in her mouth, so I knew I wanted to use it as a prop for her Valentine’s Day picture. Our little love bug was a happy girl with a full box of them in her little hands.

These are pictures taken during the same time last year. I still can’t believe how much my little sweetheart has grown!

Christmas in Mississippi


This is late, but you know the saying–better late than never! For the second time since Ellie’s birth, we made the trip to my hometown in Mississippi for the Christmas holiday. I love going there for Christmas especially because Ellie has several cousins close to her in age and it’s so fun to see them playing together, excited over the holiday, and of course, on their best behavior for Santa.

Ellie has only visited with her cousins two other times this year, and I’m always amazed by how easily they fall back into place with each other. This visit was no different. The kids chased each other around, played games, built gingerbread houses and danced their little booties off!

We celebrated the holiday with family early in the week, got to see the excitement in Ellie’s eyes as she discovered her gifts Christmas morning, and got to spend the rest of the week playing and visiting friends we haven’t seen in a while. It was so nice to have time to relax with no agenda! We went with my sister and her kids to see Christmas lights and basically ate our way across Mississippi and parts of Alabama. That was our only plan.

Ellie’s favorite part of the trip was making friends with Bobo the cat. We must have heard her say Bobo’s name a million times during the week. When she woke up, “where’s Bobo.” Before she went to sleep, “I want Bobo.” Every five minutes in between “Bobo.” We’re legit afraid to say this cat’s name right now.

We got back home in time to celebrate the New Year in style with sparkling pear juice at 9 pm because we were too tired to stay up until midnight. We traded in our champagne this year because we are expecting our second baby–another girl–at the end of June! We are over the moon and Ellie can’t wait to be a big sister. She says she wants the baby’s name to be Elsa because she’s really into Frozen right now. Not sure it will make the cut, but we won’t rule it out just yet!



Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, but now that we have Ellie to dress up in adorable costumes it has become a big event in the Davis household. This year was even more special because it was Ellie’s first trick-or-treat.

Trick-or-treating is big in our development. Our neighbors bring out their folding chairs and fire pits and stay out all evening handing out candy. Andrew and I have always done that too. Last year, we dressed Ellie up as a baby sunflower and put her in a flower pot on our front porch while we handed out candy.

This year, we knew we still wanted to hand out candy, but we also wanted to introduce Ellie to trick-or-treating, so I took her around to a few of our neighbor’s houses with her little Elsa and Anna bucket to let her try it out. She did great! I didn’t think she would be that into it, but she understood that if she held out her bucket, people would put candy in it. I guess that was easy enough for her because she ended up with quite the haul.

I even dressed up as a mom-appropriate Bo Peep to take my little lamb trick-or-treating, but that didn’t last long once I realized how cold it was outside–about 40 degrees!

Once the little lamb had filled up her bucket, she showed us her stash and Andrew promptly took advantage of the hustle that is trick-or-treating with an almost-two-year old. She’ll never know if he skims a couple pieces off the top, right?

Cedar Point HalloWeekends

Andrew and I recently took Ellie to Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends, when they deck out the entire park with bigger-than-life ghouls, mazes and haunted houses for both adults and kids. The weather was perfect–72 and sunny–so the place was packed. We stuck mostly to the areas for little kids, riding the carousel and the Ferris wheel. Ellie loved the carousel, and was a lot more comfortable on it than when we were at the park in June. I think it helped that Andrew rode a horse alongside her. He earned some serious dad cred that day. The Ferris wheel was a different story. Suspending a toddler 145 feet in the air when all she wanted to do was run around was probably not a good idea in hindsight. We ended up having to wrestle her to stay in her seat the entire time. After we escaped the Ferris wheel, we made our way to FrontierLand so Ellie could see the animals. She loved watching people feed the goats, ponies and camels, but was still apprehensive about petting them herself. We had a great day and left before dark when the park becomes a lot more scary and haunted.

Here’s a pic of Ellie last time we were at Cedar Point in June on the left and this visit on the right. So big now!


Party Like It’s Halloween!

Ellie went to her first ever Halloween party, held at her daycare Friday night, and was the cutest little Minnie Mouse I’ve ever seen! I even fished out some old Minnie Mouse ears from a trip to Disney World a few years back to coordinate with her costume.

She loved showing off her costume to her teachers and had the time of her life playing with her friends! There were a ton of people but Ellie didn’t let them get in her way. 🙂

Now I can’t wait for Halloween so we can wear our REAL costumes!

Southern Holiday

Ellie and I just came back from the best holiday weekend visiting my family in Mississippi. Andrew decided to stay behind for this one and enjoyed some much needed R&R at home. I don’t blame him–the trip was a whirlwind of visiting family and friends we haven’t seen in several months. It. Was. Crazy.

…Crazy fun, I mean. 🙂 Ellie and I caught a direct flight from CLE to BNA after work Friday and she was so great on the trip. It helped that the flight was only an hour and a half. I kept The Boss Baby playing on the iPad and she was good to go!

Once we were in Iuka, we hit the ground running visiting family and friends, even if just for a few minutes. We even snuck in quick visits to the park and to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Ellie had a lot of firsts on this trip–she stepped in her first fire ant bed thinking it was a pile of dirt (and didn’t even cry), she rode a four-wheeler (a regular one and the toy version), she sat on a tractor seat, and she tried ribs for the first time. My city baby got a southern education last weekend.

She had so much fun playing with her cousins, now we can’t wait to go back for Christmas!